20. April 2020


Last update: 8.6.2020

Are the southern hemisphere ski slopes counting on opening? Are they recruiting international or only for the local instructors?

We are sharing the latest news from different skiing countries and ski resorts. 



The winter season on the Southern hemisphere is just around the corner and most of the borders of the countries with winter season are still closed or open with restrictions.
We think we can now say that the northern back-to-back instructors will not work in the south this season.

Ski schools are only hiring the snow sports instructors that are citizens of the country or those who are physically in the country since the beginning of the quarantine.
Some resorts are planning on opening normally, some are still not giving any information.


Find detailed information about a specific country or resort below:

The international flights are restricted to only Australian citizens and their immediate family members coming home, with a 14 days quarantine in a designated hotel.” 
The Australian government still does not issue any visas.

You can keep up to date with this on the Australian government home affairs web page 1, and web page 2, designated to Corona, special government page for Job seekers and the Sydney airport page.

PERISHER - Recruitment only for locals
Perisher will open for the season 2020 on June 24! They have a designated web page for updates on Corona where you can keep up to date here or on their Facebook page.
“Vail Resorts is closely monitoring the progress of COVID-19 in Australia. As the season approaches, we will advise of any planned changes…” Read more…

THREDBO - Recruitment only for locals
Thredbo Resort is planning to open on June 22. Their
recruitment page does not find any open jobs at the moment.
You can read more about it on their
Covid-19 page or social media.

MT. BULLER - Recruitment only for locals
Mt. Buller is working to opening the ski area from 22 June, there will be no international staff and the local mountain staff number will reduce.
You can find Mt. Buller’s web page for Covid 19 here and check out their Facebook page for any current updates.
“As this time, I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you, we are placing a moratorium on all hiring for the short-term future. This situation with Covid-19 is evolving rapidly… Read more...


New Zealand
While New Zealand is getting its mountains covered with snow it is unclear what to expect from the season 2020. You can stay tuned with New Zealand’s government reports here.
Here is some information we found about the biggest resorts on the islands:

MT. RUAPEHU, WHAKAPAPA, TUROA - Recruitment is on hold
Ruapehu Alpine lifts (RAL) that are also operating Whakapapa and Tūroa Ski Areas are planning to open on July 1st. They are staying in contact through their Facebook page and their page dedicated to Covid 19 info.
Their webpage says that they have put their winter 2020 recruitment on hold. They will be in contact with return staff and existing applicants prior to advertising other positions. Read more about it on their web page.
The CEO of RAL, Jono Dean has made a video statement on 14th April and we can probably expect further updates on the mentioned profile.

CARDRONA & TREBLE CONE - Recruitment is finished
Cardrona and Treble cone are run by the same company and they have dedicated a web page for updates on the Corona situation. They are planning to open on June 26th. Their recruitment page is locked down since the beginning of the quarantine.
Their general manager Bridget Legnavsky recorded this video on May 15th. Bridget also does weekly updates about the situation on their Facebook page.

CORONET PEAK, MT. HUTT, THE REMARKABLES - Recruitment is limited.
They have enough returning staff. You can find their
recruitment page here.
These three resorts are connected at the NZ ski corporation, find their communication about the situation on
this page. Their social media pages: Coronet peak FB, Mt. Hutt FB, The Remarkables FB
Opening dates:
Coronet Peak: June 26
Mt. Hutt: June 12
The Remarkables: July 4


Chile is also currently on lockdown and you can keep in touch with the government’s decisions through their Covid-19 dedicated web page.

VALLE NEVADO - planning to open, recruitment is on hold
Valle Nevado is saying on
their web page that they are expecting the season and taking bookings, but their recruitment page is on hold right now. They will keep us informed through their social media.

PORTILLO - planning to open, recruitment is open
The opening is possible, but not guaranteed. They have a
dedicated page for updating us on Covid 19 and Facebook page where you will be able to find future information. Their recruitment page is working and you can find it here.

CORRALCO - no information
Web page:

LA PARVA - planning to open
The La Parva resort is keeping it optimistic and planning to open for the season. You can see their
statement about Covid-19 here and keep in touch with them through their social media.

EL COLORADO - only non-public information
It has come to our knowledge that they will not be employing international instructors this year. They are planning to run the resort with the ski school running with local instructors. (updated 30.4.2020)
Web page:


Argentina is still in lockdown »until June 7« with no further information on this day.
Here is the link to the Argentinian web page dedicated to the virus.

LAS LEÑAS - no information
Their web page communication is as if they are planning to go ahead with a normal winter, but there is no official statement to be found about the opening of Las Le
ñas. Unfortunately, their web page is not working for a while now.

CERRO CATEDRAL - closed at the moment, no information about this winter season
Web page: POP UP

CERRO CASTOR - no information
Web page:

CERRO BAYO - no information
Web page:


Africa - Lesotho
It’s not the most common place you would think of searching for winter jobs but there is a really cool experience waiting for you in Africa. Lesotho has lifted a lockdown. You can get current information from the Lesotho government here.

AFRISKI - recruitment is on hold
The season in Lesotho has just started. For now, they are open only for local travel. Keep them in sight through the Afriski web page.




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